Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Stamping] Holo-Centric

Hey lovelies!

Over on my Scotty Loves Holo post Soraya expressed her interest to see the other two stamping manicures I created with the catrice Luxury Lacquer holo polishes so today you get to see the one that has catrice Holo In One as the base color :)

base color: catrice Holo In One
stamping color: Essie No Place Like Chrome
stamping plate and image: MoYou London Suki 04 - spirals (full nail image)

This mani is something simple yet it strikes a chord in me. I love circle images just as much as I love straight lines (geometric affection maybe?). Especially those that remind me of prompter boxes, those old-fashioned, seashell shaped ones that sit at the edge of an opera stage. Love :)


  1. A well combined and executed manicure. I like it.

  2. That's pretty! I need to stamp with a holo polish asap now!

  3. This is hands down my favourite of the 3! I totally love how the colours match! It looks elegant even if it's holos!

  4. Dieses Muster ist eines meiner Lieblings-Muster. Sieht einfach immer und in jeder Farbkombination gut aus.
    Deine Farbkombination finde ich auf wunderschön!