Monday, May 12, 2014

Dance Legend Just Another Star

Hey lovelies!

It's Monday and that means that my Stamping Week is over :( But we're back to regular program which means today I'm going to show you a gorgeous nail polish :)

Dance Legend Just Another Star is a violet holo nail polish with chunky holo pieces. I say chunky because the holo pieces are not nearly as fine as in regular linear holo polishes. Still they create a linear prism that is neither scattered nor glittery. It is well pigmented and has a great formula that allows for easy application. Shown here are 3 coats although 2 slightly thicker coats would also suffice. Just Another Star is #30 in the Wow Prism collection.

Unfortunately my camera wanted to give me a hard time about this nail polish. Pretty much every picture I chose is of the best it picked up and it picked up only about 50% of the holo effect. To the naked eye Dance Legend Just Another Star is very in your face holo-y and has more 3D depth.

Happy Monday!


  1. Na, der Holoeffekt kommt hier doch auch durchaus raus :) Tolle, intensive Basisfarbe und dazu noch ein Holoeffekt - was will man da mehr? Klasse Lack!

  2. Dance Legend has the most amazing holos.

  3. Dieser Nagellack hat es mir angetan! Wo hast du den gekauft?