Saturday, December 14, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Hey lovelies!

In celebration of Mr.Chester and I's first Christmas tree I did another holiday stamping mani. Unlike our tree I used purple and silver for my mani (though I'm itching for a purple and green tree next year - I just need more baubles than the 4 of each color I currently own).

base color: Zoya Carter
stamping color: Essie No Place Like Chrome
stamping plate: Gals GA27
stamping image: Christmas trees (full nail image)

Zoya Carter, as you can see, is a sand finish polish. It has a sheer saturated purple base and bright fuchsia glitter. I love Zoya PixieDusts because they are almost velvety smooth. Well, not really because they still have that sand finish but they definitely not as rough as essence's sand polishes for example. Application was easy though pigmentation is sheerer that I'm used to from sand polishes. Shown here are 2 coats. Carter is part of the PixieDust fall 2013 collection.

And yes, our tree doesn't have a topper. I want an old fashioned glass topper, a real one, but found none to my liking on my shopping tours.


  1. This is pretty! Your tree looks great too :)

  2. Sehr hübsche Mani! Auch der Baum ist sehr schön. Was sagt Miro denn dazu?

    1. Vielen lieben Dank! Miro kann dazu leider nix sagen, er lebt bei meinen Eltern :( Wäre er hier, dann hätte ich das Lametta sicher weggelassen und den Baum in der Decke verankert.

      GLG Chester

    2. Ach so, ich dachte, Miro wohnt bei dir. :-/
      Haha, ja, die Verankerung wäre dann bestimmt sinnvoll gewesen. ;-)