Monday, May 26, 2014


Hey lovelies!

It's just what the title says. Chester's Drawers will go on hiatus from today on.

The reason is, I lost my motivation for nail polish blogging. It's been gone for a couple of months now. I fought my way through hoping it'll come back but it never came.

Chester's Drawers has always been my little baby, my side kick to nail polish. I have invested a lot of time and energy into it and it feels like it never pays off. At the moment I'm frustrated and everything I do for the blog feels like a chore.

Chester's Drawers will still be on-line since it also serves my personal archive. But I won't post anything new for the time being.

In all honesty I have to think about whether I still want to continue this adventure, under which conditions and in which format. It's all very up in the air right now.

So as not to end this post on a sad note, I want to thank my loyal readers and commenters. Thank you for your loyalty, your time and comments and the love you showed my blog! I love you!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

[Sunday Stamping] Dragonflies

Hey lovelies!

Today I won't participate in the Adventures in Stamping challenge. I'm visiting my parents for the weekend and didn't have time to prepare something. Instead I want to show you an awesome mani with an even more awesome base color.

base color: Dance Legend Roz
stamping color: Essie Good As Gold
stamping plate and image: essence stamping plate - dragonfly (single image)

Friday, May 23, 2014

China Glaze Orange You Hot?

Hey lovelies!

Happy Friday! Today I want to show you China Glaze Orange You Hot?, a polish I can't wait to wear more often in the coming months.

China Glaze Orange You Hot? is one sexy nail polish. It is a bright, almost neon orange with faint pink shimmer. The almost neon effect freaked out my camera (hence why the pictures are slightly blurry). Also the shimmer got a bit lost in the pictures and while it was not straight-up pink the overall shimmer effect was visible with the naked eye. Despite its thin jelly consistency it is well pigmented. Shown here are 3 coats because of some VNL at only 2 coats. China Glaze Orange You Hot? is from the Summer Neons 2012 collection.

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[Review] VividLacquer VL009 and VL015 stamping plates

Hey lovelies!

Today I want to give you a closer look at the VividLacquer stamping plates I recently bought. I got VL009 and VL015 during a sale and paid 4,49€, plus shipping.

The plates measure 7x8cm and come with a cute VividLacquer logo backing.

The measurements for the motives differ. The regular full nail images are 2x2cm and single images are 1x1cm maximum (music symbols on VL15). VL009 has some XL full nail images that are wider: the water marble image is 2,5x4cm and the spotted image is 2x6cm. The fingerprint on VL009 is 1,5x2cm.

Both plates offer a nice variety of motives, including some reverse motives which are nice for an accent nail. They are well etched and came out crisp and clear on the first try.

I found the reverse images (those that have a lot of black space) need to be scraped slower to allow the stamping polish to get into every nook. This worked well with Konad black (Konads dry a bit slower) but I wouldn't use these images with a regular metallic nail polish as the stamping polish (these dry super fast).

For the stamping test below I used Konad Special Nail Polish in black, the Fab Ur Nails double sided stamper (big side) (firm squishy) and Fab Ur Nails rectangular stamper (firm squishy) for the small images in VL015.

Much to my delight the musical symbols on VL015 are all correct but could have been spaced a bit wider apart. It's difficult to pick them up without also picking up parts of the image next to it. No big deal if you use a slower drying stamping polish (like Konad). But with fast drying ones you will hardly have to time to scrape away the unwanted parts.

VividLacquer stamping plates and nail polishes can be found in her etsy store. You can also connect with her on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

You can also read a fabulous interview with Anni, the creator of VividLacquer on Lacquer Lockdown.

I hope this review was helpful for you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

catrice Berry Potter & Plumbledore

Hey lovelies!

I hope you had a great weekend. After almost 2 weeks of rain we finally had sunshine again and I spent a lot of time outdoors soaking it up and reading.

Today I want to show you catrice Berry Potter & Plumbledore from the current core range.

catrice Berry Potter & Plumbledore is plum with a soft duochrome shimmer. The shimmer shifts from turquoise to blue and looks lovely in the contrasting base color. Unfortunately it was hard to photograph. Even with my duochrome hand pose it was barely visible in pics :( You just have to take my word for it. BP&P has decent pigmentation and a nice formula. 3 coats shown here. For once I found the brush was no nuisance. Yay!! Berry Potter & Plumbledore is part of the current permanent range.

Happy Monday!